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Welcome to Zenith Publishing Solutions! I have been working with authors for several years, offering services that allow them to spend their time doing what they do best – writing. It’s important for authors to focus their time on writing, rather than formatting their books or building and maintaining websites. Their expertise is in telling stories and mine is making sure their books are formatted professionally so their readers will have a pleasant reading experience. Having a web presence is also extremely important, and I design websites based on each author’s unique personality. I’m flexible in the design process and welcome ideas and input from my clients so the end result is a beautiful website that features their work and makes it easy for readers to connect with them.

For technical and support needs I turn to Zenith Publishing Solutions. The service I’ve experienced is the best you will find, and I highly recommend the company. Chris is talented at her craft, and provides superior results. I hired her for my website design and was very pleased. The site design was professional, functional, and beautiful. She offers many suggestions and follows through with my requests promptly. In addition, she cares for all my formatting needs which makes both my ebooks and print books look top notch.

Emily Jane Trent


Zenith Publishing Solutions is a writers dream come true. The name says it all, but not nearly enough. Chris provides solutions for a number of tasks a writer faces once they finish their book and she goes the extra mile each and every time. I started using her services in May 2013 and she has exceeded all my expectations. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable, has great customer service and her rates are very reasonable. As a writer you cannot ask for more.

Horst Christian


Chris has formatted four books for me and designed several covers and she has always done a superb job. She is creative, thorough, meticulous and, as a real bonus, prompt in completing the work. All of this at a fair price. She is a true professional and a writer cannot do better than to use her services.

Jim Levy


Zenith Publishing exceeded my formatting expectations. Chris went above and beyond the service I expected to receive. She was fast, responsive, affordable, and offered many helpful tips for this new author. I must have written “thank you” in response over a dozen times. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone and will come back for my second book!

Hailey Gosack




Services include formatting document and converting to mobi for Amazon, ePub for other retailers (Nook, iTunes, Kobo, etc.), and PDF for Google Play.


Service includes formatting document for print and converting to PDF as required by KPD Print.


Service includes working with authors to design and maintain their website.


Please send a message with any questions you may have or information about your current project. All email messages are answered promptly.

Contact email is chris @ zenithpublishingsolutions. com (Without the spaces).