eBook Formatting Services

I offer a number of eBook formatting services to authors that include:

  • Word to mobi for Kindle
  • Word to ePub
  • Word files for Draft2Digital
  • Word files for Smashwords

If you use Open Office, I can work with those files as well.  They will be saved as a Word document prior to formatting.

My rates are affordable and priced on a per word basis. The rates listed below are for basic formatting of novels, novellas and short stories. Manuscripts that includes a number of images or other elements that require specialized formatting may incur additional charges. If your manuscript requires specialized formatting, I will be more than happy to review it for you and give you a quote.

Please note that I do not offer formatting services for poetry books.

eBook Formatting Rates


Formatting Rates
Based On Word Count

Word Count

1 Format

2 Formats

3 Formats

Under 10K $13.50 $18.00 $22.50
10K – 20K $22.50 $31.50 $40.50
20K – 40K $36.00 $49.50 $63.00
40K – 75K $45.00 $63.00 $81.00
75K – 120K $54.00 $76.50 $99.00
120K – 180K $72.00 $99.00 $126.00
180K – 240K $90.00 $126.00 $162.00
$10 Per 20,000 Words over 240,000

Turn Around Time

I typically complete all formatting projects within 72 hours or less from the time I receive your manuscript.  If your project involves specialized formatting, extra time may be required to complete it.  Other factors, such as my current formatting schedule, may also cause delays.  If I am are unable to complete your project within 72 hours, I will contact you immediately and keep you up to date on my progress.

Table of Contents

I include a working table of contents in all projects at no extra charge.  A working table of contents lists all of the chapters in your book with hyperlinks to the various chapters.  Please specify at the time you place your order whether or not you prefer a working table of contents.

Payments & Scheduling

If you are interested in using my services, please contact me through my Contact page.  I will respond promptly and let you know where to send your files.  After reviewing your files I will schedule your work and contact you with any questions I may have.  At that time I will also request your Paypal address for billing purposes.  Please note that payment is required in advance before completed files are sent to you.

Changes & Corrections

I realize there are times when an author may need to make changes or corrections once I have completed the work for them.  Sometimes they find a typo that was missed or they need to add a link to the book.  I don’t mind making changes and I don’t charge for them, unless they become excessive.